My impressions after watching real star
I have been knowing 'Super Apochromat ' made by GOTO kogaku's exsistence from my childhood.
However, I have been thinking (If such Telescopes really existed ?) for 40 years long .

When I investigate it, possibly 1 person seems to have ( Super Apochromat ) from internet............< But, I don't know his Super Apochromat is this Triplet type
Super APOCHROMAT >,.............................

I hear that this type ( Tripet type Super Apochromat ) was made only 2 ............. However, Excellent condition's Triplet type Super APOCHROMAT will be only this.

When I watch GOTO 's catalog , There were 3 types ( Triplet type SUPER APO, Doublet type Fluorite SUPER APO, Doublet type ED SUPER APOCHROMAT)

Because there was Triplet type Super APO, other 2 types ( Fluorite type, doublet ED type) will exist really.

This SUPER APOCHROMAT is most exclusive one among 3 types..As a rusult, GOTO kogaku Triplet Super APO is Telescope of National treasure grade.

I show respect gor GOTO kogaku's high technology from a heart.

Here, relatively known as GOTO kogaku's 80mm refractors(Apochromat) will be Standard type triplet Apochromat and doublet type Semi-APO.
Super APOCHROMAT was at the position far exclusive position.......................

Of course, New one's Price was be 100000,USD ,( as present amount of money. Super APO is worth it.

Here, I won't write GOTO kogaku's cultural side about GOTO kogaku.


About it, please read this description when I did test GOTO kogaku Triplet standard APO ( 80mm F15 ) ..

I chose TSA-102 as comparing scope


* Reason

1, TSA-102 is triplet APOCHROMAT including ED lens-----------------> same as GOTO Triplet SUPER APO.
2, Other 80mm Refractors ( old, newest 80mm APO) , When I think GOTO kogaku 80mm standard Triplet APO's performance, by such scopes, dissaticfaction....

At the time, my TEST for GOTO kogaku standard 80mm Triplet APO, already closely perfect performance and SUPER APO is greater than Standard APO.

Certainly, 20mm diameter is bigger than GOTO kogaku Super APO, and TSA-102 is F8, but I thought such factor would be handi cap........................................

after all, my choice ,was correct . Choice of TSA-102 for compareing as Telescope

2 scope's focal length is different, but as possible as I can, GOTO ----> 300X, TSA-----> 285X , I selected.

26/August ( fortunately, I met great seeing 9/10 )

The Jupoter , Saturn , perfectly same image . ( Saturn is dark, so normally thought that TSA will be better,but
For my eyes, perfectly same ( GOTO --300X), (TSA-285X) Both of them, I couldn't distinguish which is GOTO Super APO.

7/September.( seeing was normal )

First, Sirius, ( normally, when we watch Sirius, at high magnicication, color aberration can be seen using any APOCHROMAT except TOA 130, and so on..)

Both of them, NO color aberration. Nothing. ( GOTO-300X, TSA-102 --285X)

Only, TSA-102 is 20mm diameter is big, so seen bright. Only, Hue was diffrent.

TSA-102's hue was ( artificial cristal ). GOTO Super APO' hue was very very slightly yellow.( I am not saying color aberration)

< This will be natural, because 2 scope 's optical lenses will be much different >

Next, Rigel.

< When I write critism fearlessly> GOTO 's focus image was more beautiful than TSA-102>

Very beautiful focus image . It was big difference bewteen GOTO and TSA-102

By the way, in Japan, GOTO kogaku has beeen underestimated.

Why? I think 1 reason.

There was Kooichirou Tomita ( at Tokyo Astronomical Observatory). < maybe already died >

about 1975~ 1978, at Tenmon-guide, there was articke called ( Test of Telescope)

He praised only Nikon, Takahashi extremely.

Against it, He always didn't evaluate all GOTO 's manufacture........................ ( including binocular)

At least, he disliked GOTO. ( I don't know it's reason)

At that time ( No internet time ), for us ,Japanese telescope lovers, article of Tenmon-guide 's influence was very big.

Now, I read his article, he was not professional at all, only amateur who has no ability for estimate Telescope.

If there was not him, GOTO kogaku 's all Telescope will have more high evaluation.

It is disappointing thing...

( At that time, Already I was registered as Mark-X, 80mm F12.5 Semi-apo owner at GOTO kogaku , after Tomita's unfair article on Tenmon-guide, I received letter of apology from GOTO kogaku....)

The existence of stupid Tomita, must be very troublesome for GOTO kogaku.

( only, Tenmon-guide is commercial magazine, so there was possibility something ( the back ).........

Anyway, I really respect GOTO kogaku Triplet Super APOCHROMAT.

NO-1, Telescope for visual in Japan.