About Guarantee of the product:::

As a general rule, In the case of Telescope OTA , Matsumoto Company'll attach '1year guarantee' for all Telescopes OTA which I'll sell.

Every used Telescope's conditions are different each time.
I'll always send 'The written guarantee with Telescope when I'll sell .
Please keep the paper !( However, If the customer will loose the paper, all informations(Serial NO and so on)kept at our PC or Notebook. So it's not big problems)
*For All used Telescopes I'll sell are after BEST my adjustment , so please understand that this 1 year Gurantee is
effective for original buyer from me.

I always sell after my BEST maintenance, such case which will be needed for repair will not rarely happen to be received a gurantee.
However, when the customer must send your Telescopes to Japan ( Matsumoto Company), Postage to Japan
is paid by customers.
I am sorry, please understand and accept it.

In such case, the gurantee is not intended.

1, in the case when customers disintegrate or try adjustment (by yourself ) for the Telescope especially ,lens cell.
2, in the case when customers strongly hit the Telescope to someting
3, in the case when customers drop the Telescope
4, in the case when Telescopes not kept initial state.
5, in the case when customers tried to make adjustment for it's Focuser. ( The Focuser ,I always make adjustment closely. (about this, there are some Telescopes which has a little Mirror-shift phenomenon.
I 'll do the BEST for all Telescope's focuser,but please understand that there are some cases still Mirror-shift felt . I think that such Telescope has it since production. Please understand it.

6, in the case of Telescopes met Natural disaster and damaged.

The all Telescopes which I sell has been done severe cleaning and adjustment.
So I think it is different from the common used Telescopes.
Please enjoy watching star !!

Thank you very much! 22/May 2017 , The 3r'd edition.

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