M5 , FCT-76 ( no-reducer ) with SBIG ST-10XME (LRGB) Date; 13/April in 2019
DATA; Takahashi FCT-76 ( D=76mm, FL= 487mm, F= 6.4 , NO-Reducer)

Camera; SBIG; ST-10ME ( LRGB), L=3minx7, (1x1) , R=G=B= 3minX1 ( 2x2)

Mount; M-200 self-guiding.

,<---------- L image X1 ( enlarged)

* I have no reducer for this FCT-76,so this time I tried to take image at original F=6.4 . From document, FCT-Telescopes are designed ;

The center image of all FCT telescopes are very sharp , but out of center line image are similar to the Image of Newtonian reflector ,

The chip of ST-10XME is ( 14.9X 10.0mm) small. When I see the result , around center, star image is very sharp.

I think when everyone will use this FCT-76 for visual, (maybe) the range to be able to look around at a time will be in such view fielding.

In other words, FCT-76 telescope will be very nice telescope for visual......

Here, ( in fact , I have known it this time) the focal length of FCT-76 is only 487mm. So, to get high magnification, everyone will use

extender, Ballow lens. Takahashi made Vari-Extender lens which has very high performance extender lens.. Before trying it against this
FCT-76, I have been thinking that ( Takahashi Vari-Extender lens must be possible to be used for FCT-76,too),

Because, I have a memory that Vari-Extender lens was very nice with FCT-100, but unfortunately, Takahashi Vari-Extender lens cannot be

used for this FCT-76. ( focusing is possible at 1 way use, so in effect, impossible.)

I was heard that ( Vari-extender lens was originally designed for FC-telescopes, so it will be difficult. to use Vari-Extender for FCT-76.) from Takahashi.

However, Televue power mate 2X and 3X lens are possible to be used. ( I confirmed it actually).

When using Televue powermate 2X, 3X, very nice image can be got. very sharp, nice image !!

< I am very sad, because to express real star image I could watch is impossible......< A Picture is a picture after all.... > however, if the optics is bad, it cannot be impossible
to take such M5 picture. so please understand. and imagine real viewing image from this M5 picture....


The weight is of ST-10 camera is ; 1.6kg ( heavy...) the Focuser of this FCT-76 is Helicoid focuser.

This focuser has no stopper, but against heavy ST-10 camera, it was no-problem.

To adjust angle, from rotation system, it was very easy to decide the angle...Focusing is very smooth and has a nice feeling.

That's great, Takahashi.

I think that Takahashi adopted helicoid focuser will be only for this FCT-76 . Maybe, around these year ( 1985 year released) , PENTAX was selling PENTAX
100EDUF. Needless to say, 100EDUF 's focuser was Helicoid . I think there was possibilities that Takahashi was feeling PENTAX 100EDUF, but I don't know
about it....


Personally, I think this telescope is very cool. Optics is very nice for visual ( for high magnification) . I think only from these 2 reasons,

The reason why this FCT-76 will be chosen exists strongly....

Very nice, cool Telescope. FCT-76.

koji matsumoto , 13/April in 2019