Mizar FA80 ( doublet type Fluorite APO )

when I watched the Jupiter by this FA80, I raised the surprise !

Anyway, great. (I have never seen such exciting the Jupiter) .

Why koji was surprised from this FA-80? Easy. It's the Jupiter's reality !
To be honest, The vanity taste of the Jupiter by this FA80 was far beyound my expectation .........................................

In Japan, FA80 is called as as a Telescope of the illusion. and from it, very famous.
I also have been interested in FA80, but to buy FA80 in Japan is very very difficult......

In Japan, there are deep-rooted Mizar lovers. I have known it from before. However, interestingly, Japanese Mizar lovers are usually quiet.
So, their opinion ( especially for this FA80) , is rarely heard.

In fact, this ( quiet peoople , Mizar lovers ) is feature of the biggest point , I am very intereted in.

FA80 has optics ( doublet type , Fluorite, D=80mm F= 7.5 ) , and has exclusive focuser used ( bearing).

Other this class, I know only GOTO kogaku 80mm refractors except this FA80. adopted bearing for focuser.

The Horror of FA80 is it's tele-existence. Like viewing from space ship near to the Jupiter...................

If I can say the truth, this was the first time to watch the Jupiter with reality.....

This vanity taste is difficult to be got by other Japanese classic Telescopes........

If I say the feature , horror of FA80 is it's reprsent of reality.

Then, why this FA80 is so great? about it, unfortunately I can't explain.

Surely, the design of FA80 is unique. Other Japanese APO ( 80mm class) adopted F=8, but FA80 is F=7.5 !
Also, this objective lens are 4 aspects full multi-coated.

However, my FA80's objective lens 's coating condition is bad,so, I think this greatness will not be from it's 4aspects full multi-coated..

It is mysterious ! .......

Mizar maker has been known as a Telescope maker which is (if anything) entry telescope maker in Japan.

I think the role Mizar has been acting was very very important in Japanese Telescope .

( In the case of me, different ) Almost Japanese young people ( kids) was bought Mizar Telescope as a first Telescope from parents.
Everyone has learned ( what is Telescope ? ) by Mizar Telescope.

If In Japan, there was not Mizar in Japan, recent Japanese telescope may be much diffrent telescope......................
In suh meaning, Mizar 's position has been precious in Japan.

Me? In fact , this is the first time to have bought Mizar telescope.

As far as I am ashamed.....

When I say other performance, this is (Perfect !!)

Actually I was surprised!

I am very happy to meet this FA80 now.

I think in the world, there will be many people who say ( Mizar ? what is it? Japanese telescope ? I don't know)

I recommend such people to watch ( especially Jupiter) FA80 , at least 1 time .

100% , will be very surprised.

I insure it.

I have a confidence that ( everyone who watch the Jupiter by FA80) will be surprised and will become to want .

Mizar FA80 is such very attractive telescope which has great performance , has strong attractive aspects among Japanese classic Telescope.

If there is a chance to buy, I can recommend FA80 to everyone in the world. Even if it's person is great Telescope collector !!


14/ December in 2019
< production year; 1985 model>