About Weight; Mount in itself ---- 15.0kg
weight-shaft----- 2.0kg
counter weight ---- 5.5kgX2
Pier -------------13.0kg
Base ------------17.5kg
Mount specifications;
RA, DEC Both of them; warm gear, wheel method. diameter;90mm 180 (number of teeth)
possible ; height; 10~60 degree ::: direction; +-15 degree

possible to load; until 18kg
Motor drive system:
RA,DEC DC12V moving ( from AC100V->DC12C converter, DC12V
battery cable)

crystal step motor ( with 4X,8X speed increasing possible)
From conclusion, ( This Mount will be the best mount born in Japan until today ...) Of course, this is only my impression after using this mount with FC-76 3 times brought to the mountain.
< Please understand that for easy transportation I used my using FC-76 instead of Nikon 10cm ED F12 OTA. However, this mount's essence will never be changed from it. >

I am a telescopes lover, but in fact I like especially using various Mounts born in Japan best....

From my poor experiences, all mounts has some kind of faults which I feel ( if this point will be changed better, this mount will be more better.....)
However, ( * this is my first experience to use , operate this mount ) , for me, this mount doesn't have such point. This mount is exception.

About it, ( straightly), I felt nothing to my emotion ...........................This is ( when I think of it deeply) , mysterious.
I say, I have no special emotion ( this is from Nikon so...) . this is from many years ago.......................

How, in all fairness, this nikon is having all factor , < Portability, Easiness of assembling, Structure , Operability, it's Tracking performance> , I can't find ( mention) any faults about this mount..................

Everything, almost Perfect. Except this word, I can't find any expression about this mount after all my checking.

1, Portability

I used Pelican case which I am using always for EM-200. for this Nikon mount . I used Soft case which I am using for TOA-130 for pier.....
Luckily, everything I used items for transportation were just size, easily.

My car is normal car, not so large car specially for transportation of all Telescopes, mounts , battery, everything when I go to mount always for taking my favorite astronomy picture.

I am 172cm man ( this is Japanese men's average body length ) , also not so powerful. it will be average one as a Japanese.

For such ordinary body , this Nikon mount was nice. I could bring this Nikon Mount easily by my old car......

2, Easiness of assembling

About this Nikon mount, I have 2 big surprising feeling as goodness.
This Nikon mount is really thought of carefully.

( In fact, once I have a really bitter memory about mistake . It was,,,, many years ago, I carelessly dropped other mount from the height of short wooden tripod for reflector...
That accident was the worst mistake since I started watching star .................after it, I fell into a serious state about astronomy.....To recover it self from that unhappy accidents,needed
about 10 years long...)

This Nikon mount, for assembling , very nice structure. All bolts used this Nikon Mount are all M10 bolts for each part needed for assembling.
Very nice device are done. Especially, Pier, Mount, for preventing a fall , If I design cudgeling my brains, I can't think of such good mount !

User will be able to easily assemble this mount without any accidents. ------------------------------------ ( The females of the M10 bolts becomes into a Dharma doll form)

Also, the thing I felt great was , the pitch of counter weight shaft . In case of Nikon mount, 2 counter weights are from screwing to counter weight shaft .

When the counter weight shaft is from screwed type, when it's pitch is too small, hard to put on counter weight. about it's point, this pitch of this Nikon Mount will be suitable .

In addition to it's pont, everything Very easy......Everyone will assemble very easily without any fear of dropping about all parts ....That's great. Also, assembling is possible within 10 min.

3, Structure

Solid feel ------------------ I think for 10cm ED mount, it is enough the above -mentioned rigidity. Maybe , for my TOA130, will be enough rigidity.

This Nikon's RA, DEC, bearing of the gear seems to be the same as Nikon 8cm mount. easy to adjust. I think this structure is very good..

DEC shaft is not type of penetration type, but I felt nothing weakness about this Nikon Mount.

Anyway, Cool. Smart shape....... This Nikon looks cool, smart. However, with everything needed for high- performance Mount.

As far as know, There are no mount like this Nikon mount made in Japan. This Nikon mount never be false impression .

Also, I was surprised about 2 motors for RA, DEC, both of them. Surprisingly, no needs of using any tools for putting on .

Only hand, finger , enough. About this , I imagine the designer must have thought ( I want to design this Mount at the smallest tool.....)

Actually, tool which needs for assembling this mount, only L wrench for M10 ,only 1 .

This is great.....

4, Operability

The best.
I have never seen, used such useful mount. The position of RA,DEC clamps position are best.

Here, I must write the way of adjustment for setting to polar star ( by using polar scope).

First, I was surprised. when use set mount, must do adjustment ( Height, direction ) to polar star.

In the case of Nikon, user use 2 flex handle for each adjustment.

1, Direction 2, Height . for Both of them, user use 2 flex handle included in the set.

How rational this idea is !!

This also will be from the designer's thought...... Fine....

5, Tracking performance

For measuring it's PE data , I used Televue 2X BL for FC-76. Because I thought it better ( similar focal length to Nikon 10cm ED OTA).
From my result, PE Data is (about ) +- 8.68 ". Very good.

Personally, I think for high-performance mount , when the mount's PE error is under +-10", enough high performance.

Speaking of +-8.68 ( total; 17.36 j, will be about 1/2 of the Jupiter's apparent diameter. .

I think as this class mount, this Nikon mount has enough high -performance for visual and imaging.

for auto -guiding , when the mount has under 20" PE error, possible for 200mm telephoto lens without any revision.

I imagine nobody has dissatisfaction about this Nikon's tracking performance..... Very Good....

I imagine that the designer of this mount 'was' also Telescope lover. Maybe he had much experiences about Telescopes.

Also, Nikon must have made some prototypes before completion. If without it, such great mount never be born.

Maybe, many times Nikon will have made prototype of this mount. Also, each time, made modifications.
This Nikon mount has no faults . It's real.

If Nikon is still making Telescope and if Nikon sell this mount now, enough at the first class.....( as a Japanese mount )


When I started making this page, I was attached by poor physical conditions...It was similar feeling when I wrote about Nikon 65mm ED Telescope on the USA Great site.

At that time, I felt that the designer of this 65mm ED 's strong Faith.
This time, much the same........

Everyone will think ( It will be koji's misunderstanding, overstatement ...) , but it's NO. it's True.

I don't know why for details.. However, when everyone will write about Nikon's telescope somewhere, everyone may be attached by such mysterious feeling...

My experiences about Telescopes is still inexperienced, poor.... However, now I can , feel, after all Nikon is Nikon.That''s great ...

Except this expression, I don't know this mysterious experiences to express my feeling of respect to Nikon.......

Anyway, this Mount will be helpful for any refractors which has great performance and show the observer wonderful , beautiful star for everyone in the world.

I am sure it.


15/ August in 2019