PENTAX 105SD; D=105mm, F,L=1000mm ( F= 9.5) Weight; about 4.5kg ( including clamshell)
PENTAX 's all Telescopes are designed for both visual and imaging. However,except this 105SD, others are including flattener lens.
It's for imaging. In the case of imaging, Flattener lens included better. The designer of PENTAX would think so.
I think it will be correct. Certainly, PENTAX Telescope are very nice Telescopes even if they have flattener lens in it's OTA,
for imaging use,but they have nice performance for visual ,too......

Also, PENTAX has established brand image ,like ( PENTAX Telescope is High-quality ,and has great structure) in Japan..

However, only this 105SD Telescope is different in it's design of Optics . Only This 105SD has no flattener lens. This point is the biggest feature of
this 105SD.

Other all PENTAX 's F= around 6.7.. but this 105SD is F=9.5. < * 100EDUF, SDUF, SDUF Uare ,F=4.0 >
Yes, PENTAX 105SD's existence is really special among all PENTAX's scopes.

< Telescope, including reflectors, when it's F= bigger , for visual use , better .. It's apparent to see recent Takahashi released FC-100DL designed
for visual use. FC-100DL is doublet ( F=9) , but the performance is nearly to triplet APO , TSA-102. F=8>

Always when I have been watching stars using PENTAX Telescopes ( including flattener lens types in it) , the vanity taste of all PENTAX scopes are all
having similar trend .. It is < Warm taste >.

Here, I am not telling that ( color aberration, sharpness , others).... what I want to say is ( VANITY TASTE ) , .

I can't express PENTAX telescope's big feature without using this word.....

Interestingly, all PENTAX 's refractors have similar vanity taste......
(75SDHF, 100EDUF, 100SDUF, 100SDUFUA105SDHF, )...< unfortunately, I don't know about only 105SDP,so please understand it...>

I think the vanity taste from PENTAX telescopes are very preferable ! The person who have many refractors will know this thing....


PENTAX 105SD's coating is SMC PENTAX . also, 105SD 's SMC PENTAX coating is done for all ( 4 aspects of objective lens).
This effect is really big, and great...


This picture of the Moon was taken by PENTAX 105SD, < I did the image processing to make this image similar to real view using 38mm eyepiece.
I think everyone will be able to understand that PENTAX 105SD's high contrast to watch this Moon picture....

I am sorry that my description about impression of PENTAX 105SD of the repetition.

Then, why PENTAX all refractors have similar vanity taste?
For it's question, I have a my own imagination...

I think ( imagine) < The designer of PENTAX seemed to have a original thought, and it will be like this; < Telescope should have the vanity taste like
( warmth )... Also, this Vanity taste is very preferable....

This thought is also my own opinion, but if it is not, I cannot imagine such similar vanity taste to all PENTAX refractors......

So, the reason we choose PENTAX is , I can't talk about the goodness of this PENTAX 105SD without this reason.

I like PENTAX 105SD, so often I sell PENTAX 105SD.

I think that there are a lot of people who love PENTAX telescopes in the world , and maybe they will know this deeply.

I think when we talk about PENTAX refractors ( especially , this 105SD) , we can't talk about PENTAX 105SD without this discussion.

Choosing Telescope is very interesting....

Of course, I can recommend this PENTAX 105SD to all the Telescopes lovers in the world . For it, no more explanation will not be needed ...

26/ Jan in 2019 , koji matsumoto