PENTAX 105SD; (Serial;1050354)
LENS Detail Picture

ALL PENTAX Telescope's making it is high-quality.

This story will be famous, so this time, I will write about 'The painting of PENTAX OTA.

PENTAX 's paint of OTA ( the surface is rough..) I have been thinking it will be helpful not to let a hand slide,,,
but recently I heard ( knew) that this paint is very difficult to be re-painted...

< Special paint seems to be done...>

I think it will be PENTAX's strong preferences ....

<<My Telescopes are always, everytime all PENTAX !>

I think it will be very cool . in fact, I know the person who says always such things .
I feel his such selected mind cool.

Anyway, PENTAX's all Telescopes have original taste. Nice Telescope, 105SD !!

koji 01/Feb in 2019