02/ Jan 2020 . Canon 6D, ( 75SDHF original)
01/ Jan 2020
with Canon 6D
To express this 75SDHF, I always think of ( This is PENTAX's Masterpiece ! ) . Except this , no words .

Originally, ( personal opinion ), Japanese is good at making small manufacture. ( I hear so) . However, in reverse, to make big Telescopes like 20cm~ big diameter refractors is very hard...( impossible)
About it, there are some reasons. What is it? About it, someday I want to write somewhere.

In the case of this 75SDHF, in this small body, PENTAX's ALL ( high technology, hot energy to Telescope, dream of boyhood , everything) are condensed this small body.

Here, ( Dream when we, all telescope lovers had in boyhood ) is the most important .

I also, still have a dream for space . This is imagination, everyone must be ; ( Everyone stared to have interest in space when was in child hood, Me? 10 old).

This PENTAX 75SDHF has such Telescope which has such mysterious power.

I think such things is the most important for ( Japanese ) Telescope. -----> Dream in boyhood

PENTAX 75SDHF has power which let us remember dream in boyhood..................

Of course , If this 75SDHF has no high optical performance ( especially for visual), no meanings .

Here, I will write about it a little.

75SDHF's OTA diameter is predominantly thin. In comparison to other similar scopes ( diameter of lens) .

Normally, when OTA tube is thin, it's contrast becomes low..................................

However, in case of this 75SDHF , unbelievably - High contrast

About it, everyone will think ( It's from SMC coating). Yes, I suppose it is also correct.

However, this time ,for maintenance, I took the OTA apart.

I understood everything.

Why 75SDHF has such thin OTA tube , but having high contrast?

I won't write here in details, Simply put, in this small body, PENTAX's high technology which PENTAX has been cultivating in making camera....

This special structure to avoid dropping contrast is ONLY BY PENTAX . This will be archived , because PENTAX has technology as Camera maker .
rearlly great structure to avoid dropping of the contrast !!!

Possibly, maybe designer at PENTAX would pursue ( Keeping high contrast, the most thin OTA tube diameter , how we can make ? )

Because , it is cool ! Easy to treat .

This is really great thing.


Now, I have no decision if I sell this 75SDHF . Because in really beautiful conditions.
PENTAX has world . If I say reason, only it.

( PENTAX ) has original world. This ( world) may be a little difficult to be understood for other persons.

When I watch star by 75SDHF, I can remember my dream when I started to watch star by toy telescope at 10 old.

Maybe it will be ..... in this 75SDHF, ( soul for dream of boyhood ) will exist.

Japanese Telescope history.

Until 1980, the king of Telescopes for amateur , was ( certainly) GOTO kogaku. after it, Takahashi became a new king. and still king of Japan .

If ( personal opinion), I am allowed to explain.

GOTO kogaku-------> Takahashi . ( this position will continue all the time ).

PENTAX was not in this main stream ( even at one time) ...............

PENTAX 's telescopes are all exclusive . what is the Most exclusive Telescope ? ---> It is PENTAX scope.

If I say The feature of PENTAX scopes simply, ( PENTAX was not in Japanese telescope's main stream,but
( so while being), great performance, exclusive structure.

This is story about Japanese Telescope lovers.

For my eyes, few people who can understand the goodness of PENTAX ......

PENTAX scopes are not refractors which has been pursuing only optical performance....

If can't understand it, it will be difficult to understand PENTAX.

Again, Japanese Telescope's main stream.

until 1980 ----> GOTO kogaku

after it,--------------> Takahashi.

Yes, ( as I say) , PENTAX 's role was ( supporting role) < * about Mount, different. I say here only OTA>

However, PENTAX was really shining there...very strongly.

Unfortunately, PENTAX 's new high performance Telescopes , we can't buy.....

However, I think PENTAX 's refractors will be shining forever.

All Star has destiny , someday disappear.......including us, me..............

At least, PENTAX's scopes will be shining forever while our earth exist . It is certain.

11/ Jan in 2020