At previousTS-80, I wrote about ' high- resolution ' of TS-80 Triplet semi-apo.
Today I want to write ' the Hue ' of TS-80 refractor.

I think this Moon picture will be telling all...
This image is close to real image when I watched the Moon by TS-80 with Takahashi Classic MC or 25mm eyepiece.
( Of course, not 100%. about 80% will be expressed . I think.).

The color of the Moon by Takahashi TS-80 triplet type semi apo seems to be near to ( the image from Newtonian reflector).
' The color ' , If I say about only it, TS-80's vanity taste seems to be much diffrent from FC-76, FS-78 scope's it.( * low magnification).

If anything, close to the color of TSA-102, TOA 130 I have personally.

This is very interesting.

This difference is ; explanation of the difference between TS-80 and FC-76,FS-78 will not be so simple....
I am not a designer of Telescope optics, so I don't understand the reason why................

Of course, the color aberration is not '0'., so when I raise magnification , ( a little) I felt color aberration.
TS-80 is semi-apo chromart, so it will not be avoided...

TS-80 refractor is telescope Takahashi released against ( Nikon 8cm F15 achromart, GOTO-kogaku 8cm F15 semi-apo).
For Takahashi ( seisakusyo) , I imagine that this TS-80 would be the 80mm refractor which Takahashi bet the future of company on...

I know both of them ( Nikon 8cm F15 achromart, GOTO-kogaku 8cm F15 semi-apo).
However, I think Takahashi's this refractor does not lose at all.

Of course, ' it's vanity taste ' is much different from them ( Nikon 8cm F15, GOTO-kogaku 8cm F15 semi-apo).

When watching this Moon , everyone will understand it.


This is my selfish opinion, < Telescope , there are telescopes which are popular with all people and telescopes and telescopes
which are evaluated by some people..>

I think that anyone who bought this TS-80, will not complain this performance of this TS-80 Telescope.

Takahashi is still running.

Also, Takahashi's sprint started in this time.( TS-80 released in 1971 year).

koji , 26/Feb in 2019