Takahashi ( Takahashi seisakusyo) TS-style 80mm F15 ( Triplet Semi -APOCHROMART)

D=80mm, FL=1200mm (F=15), weight; 4.8kg ( with 9X40 finderscoppe) , tube outer diameter; 95mm
Serial; (730208) ( 1973 made) SOLD ! Thank you!
At the time of the 1970's , Takahashi (called as ' Takahashi seisakusyo' at that time) was selling 3 types Triplet type ( semi-apo)
refractors . They were 65mm P type ( 65mm F7.7) , 65mm D type ( 65mm F15) , and this 80mm F15.

At that time, this 80mm F15 semi-apo type was the Takahashi seisakusyo's highest grade version.
As far as I know it, only these 3refractors were the only 1 existence as ' Triplet type semi-apo ' in Japanese telescope
's history.......

Until this Takahashi 80mm F15 triplet APO's appearance, In Japan 2 Big Telescope makers were recognized as ' First rank '
. It does not need to say, they were Nikon and GOTO kogaku.........................Yes, at that time, In Japan 80mm refractor was the symbol of it's Telescope
maker. Every Telescope makers were laying emphasis the development of 80mm class refractors.

Nikon had a 80mm F15 Achromart ( it seems to be recognized as ' semi- APO' recently).
GOTO kogaku 's line-up were a little complex. GOTO kogaku had 80mm triplet type standard type F15 APO and doublet type F15

Takahashi released and challenged to such strong rival by this 80mm F15 triplet type Semi-APO.
If Takahashi losed this fight , I think the present Takahashi might not exist.

So, this my examination of this Takahashi 80mm F15 semi-APO is also very important for me...........................

The result ; Excellent Performance !! This telescope is ! (eyepieces, Takahashi MC Or25mm, LE18mm, Abbe 9mm, MC Or7mm, Televue radian 4mm).
I spent 3 nights , total ; about 9 hours. To Moon, Mars, and soms double stars.

Here, I must write why I did star test using double stars.......

At it's advertisement, Takahashi said for at the advertising of this 80mm Triplet F15 semi-apo, for the evaluation of this Telescope ,it is Orion .
Orion is a double star ( separation, 1.5" ). Takahashi said that this double star is normally the test star for 10cm class .

This separation is small, so it will be needed to wait the night until the night in good seeing...................

Fortunately, in the early morning of the third day, I could meet the night in fine seeing. ( 9/10).

As a result, This Orion was clearly separated by Televue radian 4mm ( 300x ) !

I think this is very great thing. Because (X300) is Magnification 37.5 times as large as 80mm diameter.

If the optics is not so good, it will be almost impossible magnification .

To 80mm refractor, normally (X300) will be the magnification image will fail ........................

This TS-80mm F15 semi-apo is the telescope which has the performance in such magnification .

Normally it will be out of common sense. Of course, I was lucky to meet the night in such good seeing.

However, this result was the thing Takahashi (seisakusyo) said at it's advertising.

At catalog at that time, specially to this TS-80mm F15 refractor, Takahashi emphasized this ( ability for separation).

In 1970's, there was the only 1 existence as Telescope maker which was saying test using double star.

Aout the chromatic aberration, of course I felt a little. However, especially when I watch the Moon it is no words except ' Beautiful'.
This telescope 's vanity taste is really sharp even if this has a little chromatic aberration.

The thing I want to say is ; I am very happy to watch star by this Telescope.
Why? I can't explain in detail.

I think all Telescope must make people happy . However, I think all Telescopes don't have such power.

Power will be it's vanity taste , if I say as 1 word.

This TS-80mm has a power for making people happy.
The structure of this OTA is almost the same as all recent all Takahashi refractor.
Focuser is almost the same as it's of FC-76. ( this will be reverse. FC-76's focuser is the same as it's of this TS-80mm).

By the way, Takahashi's all focuser is great. Smooth and strong. It is always easy to adjust for maintenance.
The structure is simple and the performance is very good.

This is really great thing. At this point, I really show respect for Takahashi.


As Takahashi's advertisement, when I tested double star, I was very happy .

I recommend this TS-80mm for double star lovers in the world.

This TS-80mm will not disappoint all double star observer! has a great performance for it.


1, TS-80mm OTA ( serial; 730208) with 9X40 finderscope
2, Original .965 eyepiece adapter
3, Original .965 diagonal
4, BORG 7317 ( * from Takahashi 31.7mm adapter, when 31.7mm diagonal Focus does not appear) 31.7mm adapter
5, Takahashi 31.7mm aluminum cap (new)
6, Wooden BOX ( original, but not beautiful, so please think as discount).


UPDATED; 06/Dec in 2018