Taken 08/March, Mewlon 250 S (CR) , with SBIG; ST-10XME ( ST-10's pixel size is 6.8 micron / 1 pixel, so all shots were take by 2X2 binnig)
Total; 70 min exposure-
For focusing, Mewlon 250S has adopted the system ( the moving sub-mirror by motors ). This motor is ; when I watch the characteristic figure on Manual,
it seems to be DC motor.... < New type; Mewlon 250CRS has adopted step motor@> . Speaking of DC motor ( at least in Japan,), there is such issupposition; ( For telescope,Step
motor is better than DC motor )

To tell the truth , I was interested in it's point. So this time, I used SBIG ST-10XME camera < as well known, this camera 's focusing is severe in focusing. anyway when
I use this camera, always am taking pains to get best Focusing..>

As a result, this Mewlon seems to be adopted DC-motor ,but such worry was not perfectly needed. ( The excellent DC motor has great performance. it has been
proved by USA Losmandy mount from many years ago, ' I had experience to use Losmandy G11 Gemini years ago,so I have known the fact. '.

For focusing , this Mewlon's response was very good. I could get best focusing very easily.

< Personally, I think for precious focusing , to use CCD camera like ST-10XME will be one of the best way . Because to get best focusing by such CCD camera
needs very nice response from it's motor moving.>

This motor adopted in this Mewlon can move correctly , directory to my hand controller. So I could get focusing easily.
Fortunately, this night ( 08/March) was relatively in nice seeing.

I could enjoy focusing of this Mewlon using SBIG; ST-10XME.

I felt nothing like back-lash , and so on.... Very nice performance about this Mewlon's focusing system, also, very quick response to my operation.

Takahashi Mewlon 250 ( CR UNIT ) FL=2500mm, F=10 \