Now,If I am asked ,( what telescope you recommend among Japanese made Telescopes ? If I don't mind it's price, bigness, ?) For such questions, , I will answer that
< If you don't mind these point really , and want to watch Planets ,or want to use it's Telescope for imaging ( long focal length only) , Is Takahashi Mewlon 250CRS, or
Mewlon 250 with CR unit better???>....

In fact, now there seems to be a lot of users of Mewlon 250CRS in Japan. They are almost people who love watching Planets , taking pictures of Planets, taking Astro pictures of
small galaxy, Nebula...

It will be so. This time, I did test for CCD imaging ( M51, ) and could enjoy watching Jupiter. Both of them were very nice and happy time to me.
First, I will write my poor impression when I watched the Jupiter. In 09/March was not so in good seeing. However, in such night, there is a moment when flow of the current of air
stop . At that time, Mewlon 250S show me the surprisingly detailed design of the Jupiter..

Such feelings , I remember it was the time when I did test for Mewlon250CRS, 250.... Interestingly, such phenomenon was only the time I did check for Mewlon 250 series....

For imaging, This Mewlon250S has CR unit in it, so F=10, 2500mm, ( This time, I have no reducer, so only this focal length .)

Imaging circle is wide. ( when using Reducer, F= 7.3) ,40mm. So this Mewlon can be used for 35mm full size camera. < This time, I wanted to see the resolution, so I used SBIG
ST-10XME > ..

FL= 1825mm ( using Reducer) is not so easy for stable result in imaging .. So as Mount, USA Losmandy G11, Takahashi NJP, EM-400 class mount will be needed...

However, for visual , This Mewlon is light weight,( 14kg ,except tube holder) . this weight will be so light weight as a 250mm class telescope.
When using this Mewlon for visual , USA Losmandy 8, or Takahashi EM-200 class mount, enough.

The weight of 14kg + clam shell does not look so light weight if we look at it's number of the weight, but when I bring, unexpectedly feel light weight.
Maybe things I can imagine will be from It' easiness of durability ,and balance of weight......


Also, Mewlon 250 is nice scope because collimation adjustment is very easy. In the case of Newtonian reflector, we must adjust both main mirror and sub mirror...
However, Mewlon 's structure is ; for collimation , only adjustment of sub-mirror . This is very easy.....

( 2 factors must be adjusted . this is the real charm of managing when we use Newtonian ..........................)

Anyway, the collimation adjustment is very easy. I think this is very nice point.

This Mewlon 's method of focusing, using hand controller included . I wrote it's easiness of use and performance of the motor ....

This Mewlon is originally Mewlon 250S ( D=250mm, FL= 3000mm ,F=12) .
In addition to it, added Takahashi CR unit. ( from it, D=250mm, FL= 2500mm F=10.0) , so about only Optics elements , same as Mewlon 250CRS.

< It is possible using parts included, to go back up normal Mewlon 250. >

The difference is ; Mewlon 250CRS has some fans behind main mirror. ( about Mewlon 250CRS, please look at other companies, shops web-site)
,but this Mewlon has no such fans. Instead of it. it is possible to take off the cover of the bottom.
From it, the time for better conditions about adaptability for the temperature is becoming shorter....

Very nice Telescope ! A little expensive , it's a little sad point, but among Japanese Telescopes, the choice of this Mewlon, or Mewlon250CRS can be said ,
< As a big Telescope, > I may say ( choice of this Mewlon) will be Best !

( However, it's the case when observer want to use it for Planets , imaging ...)

I imagine that people who is very interested in this scope will know such things already.

After all, Mewlon 250 will be nice choice as the most biggest Telescope , Telescope lovers will think so ... Now I am thinking so,to.

For It's performance, I respect deeply...

15/March in 2019