As a succession machine of P-type , This P-2 type Telescope was released in 1980 year. So, P-type ( first model) had been selling
about 6 years . ( Unexpectedly, short term ) after all, P-2 type was also sold combination ( OTA and Equatorial mount ) .

< when I watch catalog, Takahashi seemed to be selling only equatorial mount(P-2 mount only )>

When it became P-2 type, Equatorial mount had been received big improvement. Only, OTA (65mm F7.7 triplet type semi-apo)

was not received any improvement. Only color ( Focuser, tube-holder for finder ) was changed.
Objective lens was same as it of P-type.

P-2 equatorial mount ; 5.5kg ( except counter weight )
P-type equatorial mount ; 3.9kg

The biggest point, appearance looks smilar, but P-2Z mount's weight became a little heavy.

Warm wheel were (144 pieces ) common, so all Motor drive systems can be used for both of them ( P-type, P-2 type)
The diameter of warm wheel , clearly became bigger.

Since P-2 equatorial mount, clamshell can be changed to be exchangeable.(----> system type

( I have seen advertisement , FCT-76 with P-2, So, Takahashi recommended until MT-100, FCT-76 ).

Of course , polar scope pattern was changed.

( In the case of P-type, changing to new pattern scale is relatively easy, but P-2Z, changing pattern , basically can be possible by Takahashi.

P-2 equatorial mount was a one of Takahashi 's succesive materpieces .

03/ September

Objective lens after my lens maintenance
The symptom of 65mm P-2 objective lens
Impression ( now, in Japan, almost night ,in bad weather, so I think it needs several weeks )

koji 05/Sep in 2021