TS-P type, at last Came Back !! After all, Grest Telescope !!

In Japan, this summer, '1 month !! ' everyday, terrible rain, strong wind . So, I finished lens maintenance, but by too bad weather, I couldn't watch result of my work.
However, tonight ( 26/August) at last I could watch everythinbg of TS-P type 's real performance !!

As expected , TS-Ptype showed me it's great performance.

First, please watch 2 the Moon pictures. ( another one is by TS-80 ( D=80mm, FL= 1200,F15, Triplet type semi-apo ) .
Everyone will understand the difference of color of the Moon. (* Picture's color , I am expressing real color of the Moon as possible as I can).

Genelally, in the case of refractor, Hue is changed It depends on optial lens which consist of Objective lens.

( In the case of Reflector, it depends on it's plating )

TS-80's Hue is ( if anything ) cold taste. ( For my eyes, like TSA-102, TOA-130 ).
In contrast, P-type's hue is warm taste.

( Same night, I tested Vixen New Polaris FL-80S. TS-P type's hue is similar to NP-FL-80S's it).

In other words, TS-P type, adopted ( at least ) 1 different optical lens from TS-80. It's 100% certain.

Maybe it will be front lens.-----------------------------***--------------------------------------My Postulate

I watched, Altair, Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon.

Lens collimating was very good. ( by any short focal length eyepiece , like Takahashi Hi-Or 2.8mm, I could watch Airy disk, Diffraction ring , clear)

This is Evidence ; P-type 's optics is excellent.

Also, color aberration is really small ( F=7.7, semi-apo ). I can't believe this is F7.7 , semi-apo.

Already, objective lens is clear, so I could enjoy watching star.

From image of in focus, out of focus, I could understand lens was polished very good.

Anyway, surprisingly good Telescope ! I thought.

Tonight, seeing was not good, but of course, I could watch Cassini division ( by Televue Radian 4mm, Takahashi Hi-Or 2.8mm , 178X ).

Saturn is dark, so by 65mm diameter, 178X will be limit.

Vanity taste is anyway ( Tight vanity taste ) if I say by another expression, ( Very sharp).

Most surprising , it was when I watched the Moon.

I can't believe this P-type was made in 1977!!

If there is person who doesn't know it, this P-type will be latest Telescope.

Trend of vanity taste is resembling Vixen NP-FL-80S.

In my childhood, I watched Cor Caroli in the Canes Venatici by P-type.
I remember it strongly. It was my beautiful memory.

This P-type perfectly came back.

Already no bad influence from cloud. ( when I watched Moon, it is apparent. Contrast is very good ).

Now, I don't understand how to do .

If someone will get this P-type, 100%, he will be satisfied with it's vanity taste.

Anyway, it was happy time.

26/August in 2021