My impressions to VIXEN P-102L Telescope
First, I will write my conclusion .

VIXEN P-102L is the one of the BEST Telescope if I receive such question from somebody ,( what is the Best 100mm Refractor made in Japan including
recent 100mm
APO ? ) . Here, Now my BEST Telescopes are 3 refractors . This VIXEN P-102L is in it !!
Is this surprising thing? This P-102L is very old ( I imagine this OTA will have made in from 1978~1981) , and simple optics
from doublet type achromat telescope........ However, this P-102L has a great performance which is in my BEST refractors I have been watching until today.

Here, I want to write, ( in fact, this my conclusion , I have been imaginating from many many years ago...) from my memory when I was only 19 old..
My astronomy circle of the high school had a small observatory which has GOTO kogaku 100mm F15 Achromart.....
I was not so earnest member there. I graduated from its high school. I failed in the examination for university, I hung around in a house without studying for the next
year examination....( in other words, a lazy student...)
A certain night when it was fine, I stole in the small observatory, and operated GOTO kogaku 10cm F15 Telescope, pointed the scope to the Saturn....(I remember,
eyepiece was Takahashi Classic Or 7mm). < I knew the key number of the astronomical observation Dome..>

The thing which I watched there , was ,,, THE BEAUTIFUL Saturn where does not have that I looked so far !!
I remember this memory ,very very strongly....

Still,(even now) my BEST Saturn is the image I watched at that night ( I was only 19 year old)....Also, it is from 10cm F15 Achromat.

Now, in Japan, there is a such Rumor , ( VIXEN P-102L has a great performance as good as GOTO kogaku 10cm F15 achromat ,between very few people.

Certainly, I did test this P-102L about 5 years ago, 1 time. however , it was just starting this work, so lack of experience,,,at that time I was a only greenhorn
also, environment for test was too poor......
( even now, I am a greenhorn.....I must study more...)

That's why, I have been thinking , ( someday when I get VIXEN P-102L again, I want to make severe check next time....

So, this my check was very very important to me...


TEST Date; 21/Feb, 22/Feb in 2019 ,
Seeing; 21/Feb; 7/10 , 22/Feb ,8/10

Used eyepieces, Takahashi LE18mm, Takahashi Abbe 9mm, Takahashi classic Or7mm, Nikon Classic or7mm, Televue Radian 4mm

Test stars; Orion Rigel, Orion , Sirius.


This P-102L has really great performance ! when I used Televue Radian 4mm, it is ( 375 X !! Super high magnification ).
However, very sharp imaging at such super high magnification !! This will be proof that P-102L has great performance in it.

Orion is double star ( separation is 1.5") . by this P-102L , separation was natural. at 375X, I could enjoy Orion beautifully..

375X , magnification will be a little difficult by 10cm Class refractors normally.

Of course , there are few color aberration about P-102L.

Hue ,,, very unique. I have never seen such Telescope which has such unique hue...... Much different from it's by all Telescopes I have ever seen so far....

I thought that ( this telescope has a unique world in it's vanity taste....)

Color aberration is , blue tone. but it is few, and looks other different color.............................................

I was excited to see , Orion , Rigel, Sirius.... ( I was surprised with it's high contrast when I watched Sirius ....)
This P-102L , the designer must be the enthusiastic engineer.

When everyone see the Saturn mount , sold with this P-102L, everyone will be surprised .

Because Saturn mount has great strongness as strong as Takahashi NJP mount.

VIXEN sold C14 with Saturn mount later ,,( once, VIXEN was a importer of Celestron in Japan).
I know C11 I loved , but I don't know C14,
However, I used Saturn mount with TOA 130, so I can imagine, Saturn mount is useful even if to C14...

However, why VIXEN sold P-102L with Saturn mount which is too big, strong. ?
This is only my imagination;

< VIXEN must have a big confidence that P-102L has really great performance !! >

I think that the development of P-102L was earlier than it's of Saturn mount ..

Maybe,,, VIXEN developed this P-102L first, and later developed Saturn mount ....


However, interestingly, this P-102L seemed to meet the end of sales soon.
Maybe, ( from my document), this P-102L has been sold only ....5 years or more less..

Now, I understand the reason as a my poor imagination.
I can't write the reason I imagine here....
( I noticed it while I have been in maintenance of P-102L).

It's........for producing the highest performance.....Only this, now I can write...

I can think that < If this P-102L is sold even now, many numbers will be sold ! >
This is great thing!

As I wrote first at this impression,

If I say ( the Best Japanese 100mm refractor born in Japan),
Certainly this VIXEN P-102L is in it. Also, it is only 3 ,100mm Telescopes.

Other 2 100mm refractors are APO Chromat telescopes.
However, even if this P-102L is simple doublet type achromat .

Now, I feel interesting, amazing, ( VIXEN P-102L is really great !! ).

I think that person of P-102L's owner will be happy.

Maybe, when everyone buy this P-102L, there will be possibilities he will think no more Telescope ,so he will think....

I imagine, ( koji is always telling big words,,,) such voice seem to be known...

However, here,things I wrote, are all fact .

Finally, I will add ; when I got this P-102L 5 years ago, I asked VIXEN about this Telescope.
However, at that time, already nobody knew this P-102L amoung VIXEN stuffs.....

23/Feb in 2019


Saturn mount for SP-102L ( Great !!)