R200SS is very nice Telescope. So, very popular in Japan.

For simple digital camera My Canon 6D ( weight is only 650g) , so strength is enough//////////
However, for my CCD camera, SBIG; ST-10XME,' 1610g STF-8300M ' 1580g) , the strongness of the tube
is (from think aluminum tube) , weak.......

Actually, when I used STF , exposure limit was only 10min , more long exposure was almost impossible.
So, I must do my original modified .

It is ; adding 1mm thick aluminum plate for the OTA; ( Only 50% ) Weight--------->@1 kg heavier *

For this work, my R200SS will give me more wonderful world.
Anyway, 200mm diameter, F-4, reasonable price, are all attractive for me.

Now I think using SBIG; ST-10XME will be better....

26/ Jan in 2020 koji