In fact, the first Newtonian reflector was VIXEN R100S ( 100mm, F=6) ,when I was 19 old. At that time, my Telescope was only GOTO kogaku 80mm F12.5 semi-APO refractor.( I kept the scope for about 30 years long).
The refractor was very nice for planets, double stars , everything. However, in 1984, I was looking forward to watch ( taking picture ) Comet Halley ( 1P/ Halley) 's approaching to the Sun , only 1 year later.

Now I have forgot the position of Comet Halley when I bought VIXEN R100S ( 19 old ) . When I was 19 old, I was in Tokyo. ( I fell the examination for university,so I was going school for next year's examination , but as a result,
I was considerable lazy student,so ( again) , fell the examination for university....)

One day, ( in Tokyo) , I was taking a prowl ,as always in Tokyo's Akihabara.... And I found that only OTA ( VIXEN R100S, new one) ,at 180 ,USD . From the past , I was wanting compact reflector for GOTO Mark-X mount.
Very reasonable price, I bought the small reflector without deep thinking.

VIXEN R100S was very nice scope for me. < About Newtonian, already I knew Takahashi 100mm I type, Mizar 100mm F6 , both of them were my friend's telescopes. so I knew the goodness of Newtonian already at that time>
I knew the goodness of compact Newtonian at that time, first.

VIXEN R200SS, In fact, this R200SS is my 3r'd one. I like this compact reflector from the past.

I think the goodness of R200SS is ; ( even if I remodel any own way , R200SS never complain. In case of this R200SS, ( I bought this as used,so all the more...).

R200SS is F=4. also, Tube of OTA is aluminum. ( VIXEN sold model ; GP-R200SS . this is from steel) so for taking picture, by all means ,needs remodeling . Because OTA is from Aluminum, so a little weak...
( In case of Takahashi MT, steal,so very strong).

R200SS 's OTA is from aluminum, so weak for temparature change. So, when temparature is changed big, we must check if it is in best focusing . This is ( actually) a little had, but I like such selfish point....


VIXEN R200SS; this telescope has long history. VIXEN released first model of R200SS was ! in 1993 ! VIXEN maker has been selling with many improvement.
I know from first model, ( this 200SS is with newest structure) when now I watch this R200SS, I am impressed with VIXEN's high technology.
When I say 1 point, it is sub-mirror's support. this support is with tube top ring.
This structure , I am very welcomed. Because, when I wash sub-mirror, very easily I can take off with tube top ring.
This structure , I think VIXEN's great idea.... Because R200SS's sub-mirror is very big ( 70mm) ,and it's center position is not in the OTA tube.
So, without such structure, very difficult to be reappeared after maintenance of sub-mirror.....


I don't know it very well,but for Astronomy , this Newtonian style is very important . Of course, it is said , ( the inventor was ' Sir Isaac Newton' ) everyone will know this very famous name.

I didn't know such story, but when I was learning the dynamics of the physics at Tokyo school ( school for next year's examination of University).
When I heard teacher's comment, I remember the teacher's comment strongly ( can you understand the greatness of Newton ? )

In fact, I can't understand the teaching using differential and integral calculus against law of the dynamics.........
However, I could understand the greatness of ' Sir Isaac Newton' ....

I think, someday, I want to learn it when I have time...


VIXEN R200SS is not good for visual .... It is said normally
However, is it real ?
Once, VIXEN sold special extender for R200SS. but now can't buy it as new.

VIXEN R200SS is F=4. so normally is thought for imaging.

I want to confirm it if this story is real. Personally, there is possibilities that R200SS is also nice for visual.

About it, I have a small reason.

R200SS's main mirror's paraboloid. Normally, when reflector's plating condition become bad, possible for re-plating.
However, in case of R200SS, it's impossible. Because R200SS's parabooloid is made only when all 200SS is made in VIXEN company.

The parabooloid ; VIXEN ,first make spherical mirror, and next , ( aluminum vapor disposition method).

Also, I hear the mirror accuracy seems to be unbelievably high.....!

So, from now, I will get extender for R200SS, and want to try for visual . I think VIXEN R200SS scope , has really deep chracter....

VIXEN R200SS is very interesting telescope.

15/ Jan in 2020


My original modified
R200SS with PH correcting lens (F=3.8) Canon 6D (normal) , taken 13/March in 2021
R200SS with PH correcting lens (F=3.8) Canon EOS 8000D ( modified for astro) 13/Feb in 2021