Impression after testing VIXEN 120S ;

VIXEN 120S ; spec; D=120mm, FL= 800mm, F= 6.6 ( * including triplet type corrector lens)

Weight; 6.3kg ! ( including 7X50 finder scope and 2 separated clamshell )

* Anyway, I thought ( This Telescope is really nice ! ) and cried so alone !

Because the design of this VIXEN 120S is; D=120mm, F=6.6 , like a design of Newtonian reflector !!
I didn't know the existence of this VIXEN 120S , and this time, tried to buy without any expectation....
However, my such imagination was excellently overturned ...

Certainly, this VIXEN Telescope 's spec; D=120mm ( very big lens ) and F=6,.6 !!
I thought before testing, ( this Spec is too severe to , especially , visual ....

However, when I checked this Telescope , in such eyepieces, ( 38mm Taiwan SW, Takahashi LE18mm, Abbe9mm, Nikon Classic Or7mm, Televue Radian 4mm).

This telescope's feature is ; good for imaging ( cf, sample picture..) .. This will be natural, because there is corrector
lens in it's OTA.

This Telescope's Horror is ; in it's great performance to visual, especially it's performance when observer use for high magnification !!
I tried first, Televue Radian 4mm ( 200X , to Sirius) , very sharp image. At this point, I was surprised with it's high magnification performance !!

I was very glad to this result, so more tried to use Televue Radian 4mm with Televue Power mate, 2X BL...
The result was fine ! ( got sharp image ! )

Surprisingly, This D=120mm, F=6.6 Telescope can be used at Super high magnification like ( 400X) ( Beautifully !! )

Normally, refractors ,F=6.6, (! ) has a weak aspect for such super high magnification like '400X). , I have been believing so...

( Again, I knew I am a luck of experiences, studying about Telescope more !!)

When I watched the half Moon, I felt the hue will resemble VIXEN FL ( Fluorite) series... ( Natural taste..)

At that time, I thought, ( This image is not it's from Achromat, almost it's from APO chromat !!( * at low magnification )

It look good as much as it's from FL ( Fluorite APO Telescope !!)

I think the sale period of the 120S was very short, but at simalir period, FL Telescopes must have sold almost same time, so as 1 way of thinking,
VIXEN may have designed this 120S thinking of FL-color. ?........................................

Of course, VIXEN FL telescope has Fluorite lens, but this is the telescoipe which is Achromat.. so possibly the Corrector lens may be helpful for the
unification of the color ,,, but I am not a Optics professional , so I don't understand it at all....

Anyway, happy Telescope ! this is !

I think the more 1 point this Telescope is very nice. It is; weight is only 6.3kg !! so easy to carry and operate.

This light weight is almost similar to 10cm Class refractor.

Recently, I became to think ( Telescopes are good when it's weight is light ??)

Normally, 120mm Diameter refractor is very big, heavy,so hard to carry and operate.

However, this VIXEN 120S has a light weightiness , so very useful..

I watched the Moon, the Jupiter, . Also I could feel the diffrence between 100mm class and this 120S, 120mm !!

After all, the difference from 100mm APO, will be big... when I was operating this scope , I felt so...


Anyway, when everyone see this telescope, all the people will be surprised with it's performance .

This Telescope is the Telescope from which everyone will be surprised with Technology of VIXEN.

28/Feb in 2019 koji

Lens picture