Price; $799(USD) + UPS fee + PayPal fee
other selling accessory; VIXEN Top plate(white, New)
Vixen New Polaris FL-80S
(6X30 finder, 2 separated clamshell, Vixen 1.25AD, Black type WT plate ,tools ) ; standard successor's.
Lens Pictures

This is rare FL-80S sold with New Polaris mount ( about in 1983~1985 year model.


1, Objective lens, 6X30 finder lens, both of them; all in Excellent. Collimation; Perfect

2, Dew shield, tube of OTA; No dent, no marks from touch up painted, beautiful

3, Focuser; moving is smooth, No back lash (I did adjustment) ---- like New
* 1 year guarantee !!