About shipment and others;

*Shipment ; I 'll use EMS ( Express Mail Service, it is Japanese international shipment system)
EMS-URL; https://www.post.japanpost/int/ems/index_en.html

For@example, to the USA; It will be about within 7 days to delivery.

* I'll send to the all countries in the world.< Except specific country>

Shipment is Basically, within 1 day after payment( After receiving all the money)

Also, it is natural, I'll teach the Tracking NO of EMS .

*Returned goods and exchange:

Basicaly, Used telescope is only 1. So cannot exchange in any case.
For returned goods, when there is a fatal defect in the used Telescope I sent,
within week I'll accept.

In that case, excuse me, please pay the postage of the returned goods (100%).
The repayment will be after I 'll receive the returned Telescope . < However,
if I find any resolution and remodeling, There will be some possibilities for declining for
repayment. ( even if the buyer has any reasons),Sorry.

< Once, I was disappointed with such case on a site ......>

*About My selling all used Telescopes

Never selling for un-cleaning and adjustment on all used Telescopes I'll sell.
So, please understand it.

I think all the buyers will be satisfied with all Telescopes I send to you.
I have a confidence that all my used Telescopes I'll sell are certainly BEST used
Telescopes for you from Japan.

Written by koji matsumoto 12/Feb in 2017 year

I sell only Japanese used Telescopes . Never sell new Telescopes .