About Telescopes which I sell;
When I say with a word, < Telescopes I sell are not all common ued Telescopes.>

In other words, To buy my Telescopes which sold in the world are much different from
buying common used Telescopes from commoner. ( Please permit rude way of speaking.)

I never do such selling. * Selling Telescopes as I got without any cleaning ,adjustment.
I have been selling Japanese used Telescope for about 3 years. However, there were not any Japanese used Telescopes without my severe cleaning ( lens and OTA surface)
and adjustment ( for Focuser).

About objective lens; if the state of the dirt is light, I 'll do cleaning by myself.
Hoever, about 50% . I always ask for PRO-SHOP.

About Focuser; I think that the adjustment is very important for Telescopes.
For me, to watch any star by about 100X, to make adjustment not to feel ' Back-lash'.

For this adjustment, method of the adjustment depends on Japanese Telescope maker.

The % of this adjustment needed are about 30% of my selling Telescopes.

The surface of OTA; in the case that it's dirty is big, I always special cleaning
for other PRO-SHOP.

In one word, My selling used Telescopes are all after maintenances.
It is much different from buying used Telescopes .normally.

My asking price may be felt a little expensive ( especially for the people who has no experiences to buy any used Telescopes from me.)

It will be natural.

Please buy my used Telescope once, then you will understand it.


I think that each used Telescopes has ' Soul'.
When I make a shipment, always I am considerably tired.......
If my supposition is correct, every Telescopes will have soul, so to go to the other country will
be a Big event for it's Telescopes .

I understand it.

'To sell used Telescopes are much different from selling other electric appliance....

I think so, but it is natural.

koji matsumoto ; 15/March 2017 year