Personal information protection and others:

1, I ( Matsumoto Company ) never tell or teach the Personal informations of the all people dealing
with me to the thid party .

2 , Here what I am saying as ' Personal informations' are These .

1), The Customer's Name,
3) all Address,( including Nationality)
4), what Telescopes he bought
5). what the customers said.
6)the price I sold to him. or price he bought at

7) what Telescopes he has
8) what Telescopes he is requesting.

3), However, if I receive the inquery about my customers from Police ,or other legal engine,
There may be some possibilities that I must open the personal informations to them.
However, it will be only in the case of Crime.
So, when I think (this is about Crime...) , I may open the informations to the Police or Legal engine.

Usually, I 'll keep all secret about all customers who bought Japanese used Telescopes or who said to me any questions.

* The first edition
By Koji matsumoto 27/Feb 2017 year