GOTO kogaku 80mm F12.5 semi-apo refractor ( made in 1977 year model )

( This Telescope was ordered by Mr. Donald Chatfield in the USA. I was given his permission, so I want to write my impression. Please understand it )

Anyway, I was too surprised and impressed to watch Sirius by Mr.Donald's GOTO 80mm F12.5 Semi-Apo.
There will some people who knows that I was raised by same GOTO 80mm F12.5 semi-apo from 12 old.

In other words, I had been using same Telescope about 20 years long. So,(to be frank) I can't imagine that I will be shocked to watch this Telescope......................

If I express this Telescope's most biggest feature is that this GOTO 80mm F12.5 semi-apo's vanity taste has( Dignity ) ............................

Same sense ! I felt when I tested GOTO kogaku 80mm F15 triplet APO, perfectly, same sense.

I don't know Telescopes having such feeling ( Dignity) after having been watching a lot of Japanese telescopes until today (except GOTO 80mm F15 triplet standard APO).

When I watched out of focusing ,in focusing image of Sirius, I can understand easily that ( lens abrasion is perfect ! )

Also, ( this is interesting) when it is out of focusing, in focusing ( when I used MH-6mm= 166X) ,I felt color aberration a little,but somehow,
focusing point, I couldn't feel any color aberration.-----------***

Most beautiful Sirius was; the time when I used MH-12.5mm eyepiece. I was in like dream....................

In case of it, it's (exist a little) color aberration 's blue color is so Beautiful !! It's also GOTO refractor's big feature.

I have been thinking that (why GOTO kogaku was adopting MH-eyepieces to high quality refractors like this 80mm F12.5 semi-apo)...............

This has been my deep mystery to GOTO kogaku from childhood.

This time, Thanks to Mr.Donald, at last I could understand this my question.

As well known, ( at least this time 1970S ), among many Telescope makers in Japan, only GOTO had lens factory.

Only GOTO kogaku was making all lens at own factory. < When I visited GOTO company ,19old, I remember I was surprised , how excellent, big, beautiful building! >

Recently, I read blog written by former GOTO engineer who retired already . This is known, from his blog.

In case of GOTO kogaku, when Mark-X and some high quality APO was designed almost at the same time At that time, already GOTO kogaku decided that to withdraw
from making all Telescopes for amateur...............

And, all objective lens was designed by GOTO's Founding president, ( Mr. Seizo GOTO ). and Mark-X 's design was other mount specialist stuffs.

In other words, This objective lens ( there were many choice for buyers) was New design at the same time of design of New Mount Mark-X.

( About Mark-X mount's greatness, I will write in future )

I can imagine that the reason why all GOTO kogaku's refractors including Mr.Donald's 80mm F12.5 semi-apo has (Dignity) at vanity taste (having Dignity)
is; because Mr.Seizo GOTO was great person with culture..... We don't know what education Mr.Seizo GOTO received, but,

Telescope having ( Dignity ) , can be designed by only person having culture......

I believe so.
By the way, I have a important customer who is expert of (doublet star ) in the USA. I am not aware of doublet star .
After all, he seems to have been using this GOTO kogaku 80mm F12.5 semi-apo for double star.

When I watched Sirius, at last I could understand it's reason.

GOTO kogaku is difficult to be understood even if for Japanese.
I think GOTO kogaku's Telescope is like Philosophy.....

When I watch any star by GOTO kogaku Telescopes, recently always it's scope make me to think ( what is space? )

Maybe it will be; GOTO kogaku had been making refractors for school (
astronomical education )
Including me, in Japan, there are only few people who can understand GOTO kogaku's telescope.
Maybe, now, maybe under 50 people in Japan......

To understand GOTO needs a lot of experience and high level Telescope sense and eye's ability.....

Almost Japanese people can understand only ( color aberration, sharpness, contrast ) only this 3 factors . < before, I was also same>
For such people, to understand the goodness ,( Dignity and power of history ) will be almost impossible

Me,too. To understand GOTO needed 40 years long.

About all Japanese Telescopes, USA Telescope lovers know far better than Japanese.

About it, I think ( it is natural).

This time, I want to say thank you very much for Mr.Donald because he gave me such opportunity to watch GOTO kogaku 80mm F12.5 semi-apo.

This great Telescope showed me much different star from me ( inexperienced status). Really, My eyes has changed.....

I had same Telescope from 12 old to about 30 old, but To such beginner like me in old days , impossible to understand this scope.

Here, again I appreciate it. to Mr.Donald.

Thank you very much !

koji matsumoto

18/ April in 2021