VIXEN 120 S ( D=120mm FL=80mm , F= 6.7 ) Achoromart-------------- ***

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Very rare VIXEN Telescope.

When I take off the interesting shape focuser, I could see corrector lens.
Also, I see 2 silver foils for each 3 position, so it seems to be triplet lens.

Now I can't declare that this ( 120S) will be the Ancestor of ( VIXEN NA 120S WT) Telescope,

Catalog spec; (D=120mm, FL=800) is perfectly the same as NA 120S WT's spec..

If is not so, I must apologize,,,

In the case of NA120S , corrector lens is doublet lens,but this 120S has triplet lens.

Also, this 120S has very unique focuser..... Very long.

This telescope seems to be for imaging, so I will try take something using SBIG ST-11000M camera.

Please wait until the next impression

17/Feb in 2019