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Takahashi 3 100mm APO of the
each generation!!
Mount for Star TEST
& Focuser adjustment !!

Telescopes SOLD

Temporary file-2
Temporary file-3
Temporary file-4
Imaging performance of
Takahashi MT-160
Temporary file-5
Iinteresting ! 105SD !!

( * I sell only Telescope which can meet my shipment standard. when the scope doesn't have it
after my maintenance,I won't sell overseas. In other words, this means ( there are possibilities
of sale cancellation above rare telescopes. It's often....)

Notice *
I have been noticing that ( between USA the AOL..COM , and my mail address) ,
sometimes arrival trouble happen from the past .

About it, ( personally), at international mail , from Internet server structure ,
it will be difficult to be solved soon....
So, when you will email me using The AOL.COM ,VERIZON.NET please understand it.

I know this trouble reason why , so I will ask the way smoothly to my mail system
for administrator.

To avoid this trouble, I will do emergency measure soon.

Thank you very much !

08/ Octber in 2019


Mizar FA80

It's King GOTO 80mm Triplet type standard APO
For some reasons, I pause (representation to Yahoo Auction). Please understand it.

1, The Representation to Yahoo Auction ( Japan)

2, The substitution purchase from Japanese Telescope shops

The method of shipping ; UPS , USA

( Until now, I have been using EMS system, but because of corona, to use EMS shipping
is impossible.
generally, UPS shipping is expensive, but my method I found is not so expensive.

When everyone want to buy Telescopes from Japanese market, Please leave it to me.
I have a lot of experience for international shipment .
Still, to sell Japanese used Telescopes , I will continue in the same as to this .
Thank you very much !

koji matsumoto/ Japan
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< However, except Takahashi telescopes (New article) >
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