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Takahashi 3 100mm APO of the
each generation !!
Mount for Star TEST
& Focuser adjustment !!

Telescopes SOLD

The Rendezvous
Temporary file-2
Temporary file-3
Temporary file-4
Imaging performance of
Takahashi MT-160
Temporary file-5
Interesting ! 105SD !!
$ 999 (USD) + shipping
Takahashi Mewlon 250S ( CR UNIT builn , possible to goiing back up in normal Mewlon250S ,because parts for it included)
Click !
My Asking Price; $6700(USD) + shipping (with 3 years gurantee)
How much is your BEST
PRICE? ( I am OK for
Negotiation !!

20/March in 2019 UPDATED
FC-76 (MC) < 'F' > type will come next month !!
1, Mewlon250 S ( with 7x50 finder,MC type, illumination sysytem for fiiinder)
2, Takahashi CR unit ( buit in)
3, Original parts for normal Mewlon 250S
4. Tube holder ( new color with top plate)
7, Manual ( Englsh)
8, Takahashi centering scope
* This picture is FC-100's one *