NO-3 Pictures of FC-125 and my comment;
Final check and Focuser adjustment ; Day; 07/Oct and 08/Oct in 2018.

Telescope which I compared was TOA-130 NS .

Used eyepieces; Takahashi LE-18mm , Abbe 9mm , classic Or 7mm, PENTAX
Or-6mm, Televue Radian 4mm

Object ; Mars , Rigel in the Orion
* Weight; FC-125 : 9.9kg ( without 11X70 finderscope , clamshell, ) TOA-130 NS ; 12.0kg ( with 7X50 finderscope )

FC-125 ( SPEC) ;

D= 125mm, FL = 1000mm ,( F= 8.0 ) Doublet type Fluorite APOCHROMART ,Multi-coating.
The Production year ; 1988year ( from Serial NO= 83010 , estimate )
As a result , this FC-125 has excellent performance.
In fact, I have a original shipment standard. This FC-125 is more than it. ( I can't say in detail about my ' shipment standard'. )
So I can sell this FC-125 with all my confidence.
This time, I tried to compare FC-125 with my TOA-130 Telescope.
TOA 130 is the recent model ( current article ) I bought in 2012 year.
Is that too severe to FC-125? Yes, it may be said.
However, this FC-125 fought . Now we can still watch Mars . When I watched Mars with Televue Radian 4mm
< Fortunately, The large shurutisu turned to this place >
When I watched Mars using both FC-125 and TOA-130, the clear and deep in color image of Mars design was the time when I was using FC-125.
This is real. The clear and deep image seen on Mars of the pattern like the large shurutisu was the time when I watch Mars by FC-125.
, I could watch it better using FC-125. About this, among Japanese amateur , there is interesting such story ; Planet observation ,
Telescope which has a little chromatic aberration will be better..................................< seen more clear and deeper...>
In fact, I have heard such story,but I have no experiences of such phenomenon..About FC-125's chromatic aberration I will write
later. Now I can say is ( FC-125 is nice Telescope for planetary viewing.. ( including observation of the double star ) -- later, I will
write about it... As well known, TOA will be almost perfect in it's distortion revision of the lens , but ( at least now) , at the Mars viewing FC-125's
Mars seems to be better.....
So, Telescope is interesting.

Seeing;; Mars---> 7/10 Rigel ----> 6/10
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About 2 months ago , I was succeeded in getting this FC-125 . ( 1988 year model) at last.....................................
This FC-125 is the second one since I got same model in 2014 year! I was very happy. Because in 2014 year I got was very nice scope.
However, it has spend already 4 years.since the day ... Yes, to get FC-125 including FC-125N ( cheap model of FC-125 ) is very very difficult in Japan.
If getting none MC model FC-125 is perfectly meaningless.... I had to get MC type,FC-125.
Today I can sell this great scope ,but A lot of time and cost was needed for maintenance . . Also, when all compornents are prepared, still I couldn't feel relived.

As 1 reason why I feel so, I know many classic Japanese Telescopes,but about FC-125, I have only 1 experience....
< Is this FC-125 in nice feeling when buyer will watch star by this FC-125?? >
I couldn't deny uneaslness until I watched Marts and Rigel at 08/Oct in 2018.....