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A Happy New year in 2018!
When I look back incidentally, I noticed that ( already 4 years have passed since I
participated to the significant USA Telescope market...)

I came like a man in a trance to here.
In fact, the management is not easy. However, (maybe) I may survive it somehow
this year.

I am a Japanese. To participate in the USA market, I have recognized that ( Japanese
Telescopes is a just one in a lot of Telescopes which made in the USA, Germany, Russia,,,,,
Usually, Japanese will not know it , because Japan is a only small island country.

It will a one reason for explaining of it....

My ambition for 2018 year is ; Selling better used Telescope. It is quite obvious.
In addition, I want to take CCD-imaging. Using SBIG STL-11000M camera.

During winter and summer , I will use STL-11000M with Takahashi Epsilon160.
Also in spring and in autumn, I will use Celestoron EdgeHD800 scope.

Yes, I know that to take CCD-imaging will not help selling used Telescopes directly.
However, I like to take CCD-imaging.

Besides, If I were in buyer's place, I would probably think ( seller should know more about
Telescopes and everything about astronomy..)

Making always an effort humbly and thanking the visitors who bought my Telescopes are
very important for me.

I must not forget it.

This year thanking you in advance.

11/Jan in 2018 koji matsumoto