UPDATED at 16/Nov 2017
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Now in maintenance

GOTO kogaku 80mm F8.25@ED APO@Telescope! Still available ! (Price ASK!)

2, GOTO-kogaku 7X50 binocular

SOLD Telscopese

Takahashi MT-160 's pictures ,Here!

1,Takahashi MT-160 OTA with 31.7mm eyepiece holder

2, Takahashi 7X50 finderscope with bracket

3, Takahashi illumination system for 7X50 finderscope

4, Takahashi separated 2 OTA tube -holder with Top plate

5, Takahashi corrector lens for MT-160

6, Takahashi 31.7mm collimation eyepiece

7, All bolts & nutes

8, Manual ( in Japanese ,copy)
MT-160 still@Still Avaiilable!