UPDATED at 16/Oct 2017
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My Diary

GOTO kogaku 80mm F8.25@ED APO@Telescope!
I have got fnsn|kogaku 80mm ED-APOCHROMART Telescope recently.
Spec; D=80mm, F=8.25 ED-Apochromart .
This Optics is really excellent.

I got as ' Un-used '. So condition is super excellent.
Do you know GOTO-kogaku's 'Mark-X' mount ?
Unfotunately, now I have no-pictures about Mark-X mount. ( Once I have kept
for many years.)

This GOTO-kogaku 80mm F=8.25 ED-APO refractor was sold as 'NO, Mark-58'.
I guess this OTA were sold about in around 1985 year.......

Of course, it would be a little production.
Also, this ED-APO( F=12.5 model existed,too) was GOTO-kogaku's final Telescope
for amateur.
Here, I must write a important and intersting story.

To watch catalogue of GOTO-kogaku in 1970's, 3 type 80mm APO lens types
can be watched.
1, Triplet type super-APO ( D=80mm, L=1200mm, F=15)
2, Doublet type FLUORITE super-APO ( D=80m, L=1200mm, F=15)
3, Doublet type super-APO ( D=80m,L=1200mm,F=15 & D=80mm, L=1000mm

To read GOTO-kogaku's this old (in 1970's) catalogue , especially at description
of NO-3 APO, there is the 'word' new kind glass which will be now called probably
ED lens . < That time I guess there wasnot word as 'ED-lens' in Japan.>
Also, there is the rumor that this 80mm ED-APO (F=8.25) may be the descendant of
the NO-3 in 1970's Doublet type super APO...... ( AT the catalogue , there is not
F=8.25 model.)

I don't understand if this opinion is true or not.

Only I think is; this 80mm ED-APO(F=8.25) is great Telescope among all Telescopes I know.

Also , I have never known any people who has above GOTO-kogaku's 'Ultimate 80mm
refractors.....(Yes, really no-experiences to meet such collector of GOTO-kogaku.)
Maybe in Japan, 1 or 2 persons may have.... Also I remember that I have no experiences
to meet any person who knows the owner of above GOTO-kogaku 's Ultimate 80mm APO....

Now, if i search information about GOTO-kogaku's 80mm refractor with 3 type Optics
of the illusion , I cannot find any informations at Japanese web-site....

When I watch star for TEST with this GOTO-kogaku's final ED-APO, I feel falling into an illusion that I am travelling
from 1970's ~ 2017 year ........

kojii matsumo
17/OCT 2017

2, GOTO-kogaku 7X50 binocular

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Takahashi MT-160 reflector

Updated 16/Oct 2017
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