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Takahashi 3 100mm APO of the
each generation !!
Mount for Star TEST
& Focuser adjustment !!

MT-160 with Corrector lens and F=4.8 Reducer ---Full set

$1800(USD) + shipping ( including PayPal fee and everything)
MT-160 ; Spec

D=160mm FL= 1000mm , F=6.25 ( original)

* with Corrector lens; FL= 1330mm ,F=8.3
* with Reducer lens ; FL=776mm ,F= 4.9

Weight; 8.5kg ( without Clamshell)
---------------------------------- Selling contents;

1, MT-160 OTA ( Serial; 92059) with Takahashi 31.7mm eyepiece holder
2, Takahashi 7X50 finderscope with Takahashi illumination system
3, Takahashi separated clamshell
4, Takahashi M type plate
5, Takahashi MT-Corrector lens
6, Takahashi F=4.8 Reducer lens
7, Takahashi MT-160 Manual ( Copy, in Japanese only)
8, Tools and Bolts

--------------------------------- Conditions;

* There are only 2~3 small marks from touch up painted. Except it,
all ; Excellent.
Telescopes SOLD

Before going to mountain, I have confirmed if the focusing
is possible using SBIG; STL-11000M.

As a result, it was no-problem.

This is flat-image . ( MT-160 with reducer F=4.9 )

When I see this flat-image, result was better than my expectation.
MT-160 with Reducer is dark against Epsilon160(F=3.3), to watch
this image I thought ( now it is digital age,so from flat processing
this limb darkening will be revised by soft ware.) However,
MT-160 's released age was film age. So at that time it would be
difficult to revise this limb darkening........The next, to get real
star image .
Here; Detailed pictures
Example ( IC448 and NGC891) by MT-160 with Reducer
Takahashi ,TS-80mm semi-APO
in maintenance !