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SOLD ! Thank you.

Now,in maintenance.

Nikon 7X50 SP SOLD !

AD-VIX 102 SS SOLD! Thank you !
Takahashi FS102 SOLD !

Takahashi FS-78 available !!

Takahashi 3 100mm APO of the
each generation !!
UPDATED 25/April in 2018!
Nikon 100mm F12 ED-APO
Now, under my check.....
Takahashi FS-78 NOW. ON SALE !!
* Takahashi FS-78 arrived and OK for sale already !!

Spec; D=78mm L= 624mm F=8 Doublet-type Fluorite APO.
Size of OTA; 95mm weight; about 2.8kg

Conditions; Mint

Accesories; Takahashi 6X30 finder & it's bracket. Manual (in Japanese)
Takahashi 31.7mm eyepiece-holder with Takahashi Aliminium cap
Comments; This time, I can sell Takahashi FS-78 Fluoriite APO!!
Optics ; all clear,like New. There are perfectly no-dents, no-scratches, on OTA-Tube.
If you have been looking for like new FS-78,or Classic FC-76, I strongly recommend.
$1180(USD) +shipping !

1 year guarantee.
Mail To;
Date; 25/April in 2018
VIXEN FL-80S now in maintenance