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Takahashi 3 100mm APO of the
each generation!!
Mount for Star TEST
& Focuser adjustment !!

Telescopes SOLD

Temporary file-2
Temporary file-3
Temporary file-4
Imaging performance of
Takahashi MT-160
Temporary file-5
Iinteresting ! 105SD !!

Notice *
I have been noticing that ( between USA the AOL..COM , and my mail address) ,
sometimes arrival trouble happen from the past .

About it, ( personally), at international mail , from Internet server structure ,
it will be difficult to be solved soon....
So, when you will email me using The AOL.COM ,VERIZON.NET please understand it.

I know this trouble reason why , so I will ask the way smoothly to my mail system
for administrator.

To avoid this trouble, I will do emergency measure soon.

Thank you very much !

08/ October in 2019


Mizar FA80

It's King GOTO 80mm Triplet type standard APO
< However, except Takahashi telescopes (New article) >
This time, I decided not to use EMS in future.( at least until the end of Corona period ).
As a reason, now, the numbers of passenger plane is decreasing sharply, from it
( especially to the USA ) too long days will be needed.

I want to pass on my important Telescope as soon as possible.
Now, unfortunately, I can't trust EMS .
So, as a method of shipment, I will use UPS only.
Still, I am sorry for delay of package .
I think if I use UPS, such serious problem will not happen. Please understand it.
10/July in 2021 koji

Size and Others ( Click) . 10/July in 2021. koji
( Correction )
対物レンズ含む 鏡筒メンテナンスを開始します
From now, I will restart to exhibit my Telescope on the Astromart.

However, already in Japan ,there are small numbers of beautiful used Telescope .
So, it is very difficult to find beautiful scopes I can exhibit on Astromart.

I imagine the numbers of my exhibition to Astromart will be smaller than before.

As a reason, Japanese people has no custom for taking good care to Telescopes.
Actually, Now Yahoo Auction will be the worst Telescope market in the world......

This trend is increasing year by year.
However, I will do my effort to find enough beautiful scopes to Astromart

18/November in 2021 koji