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Takahashi 100mm L=1000mm reflector & mount set < TS-style>

$899 (USD) Still Available !

Condition; Good conditions !!

The production year; 1977 year.

This time, I could get Takahashi 100mm I type reflector.
Really nice conditions. Beautiful Telescope!

This Telescope was the first reflector which Takahashi (seisakusyo)
released in 1970' s( exactly, there was more older model which had silmilar specifications
,,D=100mm,L=1000mm. However, the diameter of the OTA pipe was
'140mm' . ( This I type ; 127mm )also, I guess there were more different points between the first
model and this 'I type' model ...,However, normally if I am asked <what is the first
beginning reflector model of Takahashi? , I 'll answer it is this 'I type' reflector.

When Takahashi (seisakusyo) released this reflector ( called I type)
model , Takahashi seemed to want to sell this 'I ' type for beginners.....
However, really the buyers of this reflector seemed to be almost experts.

Maybe the price would be a little expensive for beginners.
In fact, I know this 'I' type from the small child-hood. I was a primary school student.
In those days close friend got this Takahashi 'I' type from his father. YES, his father
bought this I type reflector for my son.

I have a memory that I watched Red Moon with him ( Total eclipse of the moon.)by his Takahashi
seisakusyo I type Telescope. ( Of course, we didn't know existence of collimation
)@We do not have the acquaintance now........, Unfortunately.

It is 40 years from that....... < I have no-experience to buy this 'I ' model bymyself,or
no experience to see that someone else have this model....>

For such a reason, for 40 years swing, I watched Moon and other stars by this missed

I was very impressed to watch stars by this Telescope. Really this Telescope is great
,I think so.

Very sharp! And very easy to be used it.
I am a 172cm tall. This is Japanese man's average height. ( * 40 years ago, the average
height of Japanese man might be more small.....)

This is my supposition , Maybe Takahashi might design this Telescope to consider Japanese
man's physical status........................................

To operate it, I thought that ( Motor-drive should not be necessities ?)
I felt easy to use it in this way. ( by my hand control only)

I can recommend this commemorable Telescope to
all the people who love current Takahashi Telescope in the world..

Of course, Takahashi have sold motor-drive in some species.( S type, AD type, HD type, PD type
and so on that time , but now I have no-one.
< I think Old motor-drive is a little difficult. to be thought it's condition and repairment.>

However, I think that for this Telescope, Motor-drive will not be needed not entirely...
The buyer of this scope will become happy

I guarantee it!.

koji matsumoto ; UPDATED; 02/2 2018 year
TS-STYLE 100mm I type reflectore

17/March 2018

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