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Takahashi 3 100mm APO of the
each generation !!
Mount for Star TEST
& Focuser adjustment !!

Telescopes SOLD

PENTAX 105SD ; arrived !! Now in maintenance !!

* Optics, OTA Tube; very beautiful.;
* some parts ; out of stock. I imagine that it will need to prepare them for some weeks.
When all preparing finished, in excellent telescope I think.
Please wait ....

ji / Date; 26/December in 2018

GOTO kogaku 80mm F15 Achromart ; eyepieces arrived !! Now I started to prepare for selling.

< when I got it, already in excellent conditions. Please expect.

koji ;/ Date; 26/Dec in 2018
TS-80mm Triplet semi-apo OTA; The Second !!
* Conditions; Generally, in Great Conditions.

Now in maintenance..

koji:/ Date; 26/Dec in 2018
The Rendezvous
Temporary file-1

Temporary file-2
Temporary file-3
Temporary file-4
Imaging performance of
Takahashi MT-160